Attention Art-Loving Landlords

That Would Like to Have Their Very Own London Art Wall

We are looking for large walls in London to convert to 'Art Walls' to help fight vandalism and tagging


Rachell Smith / Khandiz Joni at London Art Wall Shoreditch special project

"The Masks We Face" by Rachell Smith & Khandiz Joni


I Heart Studios Spitfire Campaign on the Shoreditch Art Wall

I HEART STUDIOS: "Spitfire Campaign"


 Foster the People, Supermodel on the Shoreditch Art Wall

Foster the People, "Supermodel" Album



 What's It All About?


 YOU WILL    Feel Good  Help Artists and Charities  Help Fight Vandalism  Share in Advertiser's Income
 WE WILL   Create/Run Your Website   Organize/Arrange for Everything  Promote Your Wall/Business  Pay You Monthly


 Q & A


What is a London Art Wall?

 A London-based wall that is managed by us, the London Art Wall Company, and painted by artists for free (33%), charities for free (33%) and commercial companies (33%) that pay a weekly fee.


Who are we?

In 2011, we created the iconic Shoreditch Art Wall and have run it for 7 years, so go to to see more.


Who are our artists?

We work with many local and international artists, so go to to see more.


Who are our commercial clients?

We work with both local and international companies, so go to  to see more.


If This Sounds Interesting to You?

 please email for more details.