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 was supplying artists for Printemps' "London Mania" for London and Paris Fashion Weeks

London Art Wall for Printemps

London Art Wall conquers Printemps and celebrates the London Fashion Week


From August 29th till October 9th, on the occasion of the London Mania event, the collective London Art Wall pervades the Spring and celebrates the English Fashion Week!

Imagine an artistic road in the middle of the Printemps Fashion and Printemps Man where street artists customise the famous London cabins, as well as the pop-up store Maria Luisa and the denim space of the Printemps. Chosen for their approaches and their individual styles, the artists of the collective London Art Wall express their creative visions from the English stage. Spiros Halaris, Mateus Bailon, Kef! and Otto d' Ambra will reinvent each two phone boxes in their way.

Creations of Spiros Halaris and of Mateus Bailon will be highlighted in RDC of the Printemps Fashion, the cabins of KEF! will be displayed to the 4th floor. The Printemps Man will also take the colours of English fashion with creations of Otto d' Ambra in RDC and in 1st floor. As for Roger Molloy, he will share his own vision of English fashion by creating a wall fresco within the pop-up store so London Mania at Maria Luisa.

Jo Hamilton and his vision of the denim space

Artistic course will continue in the Denim space through Jo Hamilton creation, celebrates the artist known for her writings based on hook. Jo Hamilton uses the traditional technology of the hook taught when she was young by her grandmother. Once the technology controlled, it begins creating a view of the city of Portland as well as a series of portraits. Its job can resemble painting but after a second examination, the drawing of knots reveals the process. Result becomes quickly incredible: she always begins her portraits in the middle of more precisely with eyes and works around until the piece is finished. She draws inspiration only from photographs, nothing is upstream planned.

Exclusively, from August 29th till October 9th

Space Denim 4th floor of the Spring Mode

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