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An Eye Catching Space on a Medium Sized First Floor Wall

 High Traffic;  Main Road A2206;  South London


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The A2206 is a link road in the north of the London Borough of Southwark.

It starts at traffic lights on the A100 Tower Bridge Road at what is also the end of the A22-5  just a short distance from the Bricklayers Arms junction on the A2. The road heads east along the largely residential Grange Road, skirting Bermondsey Spa Gardens and meeting the northern end of the B203 at traffic lights. The section immediately to the east appears to be former dual carriageway – the road is wider than expected with cycle paths on both sides. This does not last for long, however, and the road continues along Southwark Park Road and goes through a tunnel under the railway line immediately east of London Bridge station.

Back in the open air, Southwark Park Road continues ahead to meet Southwark Park but the A2206 right onto Raymouth Road. It runs the full length of this road, with the railway arches on the right and flats on the left, before ending at a T-junction on the A2208 Rotherhithe New Road.


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